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Bring Back the Pink!

Monday, October 12th, 2009

It’s October, and that means Breast Cancer Awareness Month has rolled around again, and with it IM=X Pilates Blue Bell’s participation in Pilates for Pink. By popular demand, the in-studio Breast Cancer Challenge has also returned!

  • 5 minutes are given at the end of each class for those who want to take part in the challenge
  • A LARGE chart on the studio wall lists exercises ranging from leg presses to pushups, and each repetition is worth small change, from $0.01 to $0.25
  • Doing some extra moves earns the Breast Cancer Research Foundation donations!
  • Set a personal goal for yourself- for example, how many pushups can you REALLY do??
  • Get others to sponsor you- friends, family, coworker, employers can all pledge an amount towards your pain efforts
  • Get competitive with other clients who are racking up the highest numbers for a good cause

Also returned this month is Breast Cancer apparel. Long sleeves, short sleeves, polos, tanks, hoodies, and other options are available with either the pink ribbon logo, or for the more outgoing, “boobies” across the chest! Each shirt says “Pilates for Pink at IM=X Blue Bell” on the back, and $5 will be donated to the BCRF for each purchase.

Pilates for Pink at IMX Pilates Blue BellPilates for Pink at IMX Pilates Blue BellPilates for Pink at IMX Pilates Blue Bell

Finally, donation-based semi-private classes are also available for you and your friends. Pick a time, schedule with IM=X Pilates Blue Bell, and donate as much as you please to the studio’s Pilates for Pink efforts. This is a great way to support a friend battling cancer, to honor the memory of those taken by cancer, and to introduce your friends to IM=X Pilates Blue Bell. No experience is required, and the classes are limited to 4 participants each.

IGFY: It’s All in Your Head

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Think it’s harder to exercise at night? You may be right, just because you think so! Researcher have found that people stopped exercising about 15% earlier when they were mentally fatigued, because they felt more fatigued at the beginning of the session. This resulted in less time exercising, a lower heart rate and lower blood lactate levels, which indicates that the fatigued individuals didn’t work as hard, probably because they didn’t work out as long. Instead of getting winded or being physically fatigued, mental fatigue limits exercise tolerance by making you feel you are more tired.

How does IMX Pilates Blue Bell combat this phenomena? We have 2 ways:

  1. Our class schedule includes early morning options for people to exercise before work.
  2. Our evening classes are taught at a high-energy pace to compensate for your tired brains. Any of the IMX Pilates Blue Bell clients that have experienced Jim in the evening can vouch for this!

Since you can’t always exercise in a perfect world where you are mentally rested, rest assured IMX Pilates Blue Bell will do its best to work with your schedule’s quirks.

This study was reported in the July-August 2009 IDEA Fitness Journal.

Now You Can Push IM=X Pilates Blue Bell Around!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Support your friendly Giant supermarket and IM=X Pilates Blue Bell at the same time! Now featured at the Blue Bell Giant, Township Line Road and Route 202:

Wear some IM=X Pilates Blue Bell gear to give fellow shoppers a double whammy of advertising! You won’t get any special discounts, though, so it’s not mandatory.

March for Babies Walk a Hot Success!

Monday, May 11th, 2009

April 26 2009 marked the second annual appearance of the IM=X Pilates Blue Bell Teaser Team in the March for Babies. This year, the walkers included Jim, Paula, Beth, Jill, Kate, Jen, Dawn, and Kate’s boxer Tallulah. The day was sunny and hot, and it didn’t take long for Tulla to decide she didn’t like the weather. Kate’s husband had to come pick her up! A very nice police officer offered to collect Tulla and her entourage, Paula and Kate, but the girls’ ride had already arrived.  Thanks to all you wonderful clients, and your revenge tactics, the studio raised $600 for healthy babies. Enjoy some pictures, and some videos of the day.

What’s it Like? Trying Pilates, Part 3: The Perfect Gift

Monday, February 9th, 2009

You’ve read up on the IM=X Pilates Blue Bell Free Intro session, and the membership options. Or maybe you already are an IM=X Pilates Blue Bell client. Either way, now you want to share the pilates experience with someone.


Give a gift certificate!


You’ve got 2 choices:

1.) Simply go for the 1-Month Unlimited Trial Membership. It’s the most popular first choice by new clients. They have the chance to see how many classes a week they really can do, before deciding between Unlimited Memberships or Class Packages.


2.) Choose your own amount. This option allows you to simply enter a dollar amount, so you can visit the IM=X Pilates Blue Bell Fees page and create your own package. Give some Private Sessions and a 1-Month Trial Membership. Or maybe a few Privates and a few Semi-Private sessions, so the recipient can experience both. You can also give a lump sum, so the “gifted” can apply it to whatever option they choose.


Next, write a nice message to the recipient. You may want to include your package intentions if you chose your own amount.


The gift certificate can now be emailed to the recipient. You will also be able to print out the certificate after purchase, if you would like to present it yourself.


If online purchases are something you avoid, you are welcome to purchase a gift certificate in person at the IM=X Pilates Blue Bell studio. Call 484-231-8565 to let us know when you’re free to stop by!


What’s it Like? Trying Pilates, Part 2: Becoming a New IM=X Pilates Client

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

So, you’ve read about trying the Free Intro Session here at IM=X Pilates Blue Bell. It sounds great! You’ve even taken the initiative and signed up for your Free Intro. What can you expect next?


First, your options. On the IM=X Pilates Blue Bell Fees page, you’ll see that you can take Private or Semi-Private sessions. There’s lots of reasons to take either route, or both in the case of the Private Training Membership. Those reasons will be reviewed and compared to your needs in your Intro. Just don’t assume you need Private sessions just because you’ve never done pilates before!


Most people are familiar with the Class Package, groups of sessions paid for in advance. You can purchase Private pilates sessions individually, or in groups of 10 or 20. You can also purchase Semi-Private sessions one at a time, in 10s or in 20s.


However, here at IM=X Pilates Blue Bell, you have another option- the Unlimited Semi-Private Membership. Almost all new clients try our 1-Month Unlimited Trial Membership. You can do pilates every day! (The IM=X Pilates program has a 24-hour turnaround period.) The more classes you take, the greater the value of your membership. After the trial month, you have the option of a 6- or 12- month membership.


Pennsylvania Health Club laws prevent you from purchasing longer-term options online, but you can still find memberships or packages available in the IM=X Blue Bell online store if you’re ready to get going. All your choices are reviewed during your Intro, so you can also wait until your visit to decide.


A 2-Week Pilates Hiatus?

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Never! Here is a great way to keep up your workouts- some exercises you can do even without rings, balls, Xercizers, or Jim bouncing around to the music. Hint: read it all first so you know what’s coming before you try it! As a hard-working IM=X Pilates Blue Bell client, you should understand and recognize most of what you read here. If you don’t, skip it. We’d rather you didn’t injure yourself.

Step 1: Do you have a yoga or pilates mat, a ring, a stretch band, a balance ball, or ankle or wrist weights? Go get them. If you don’t, go get a hand towel.

Step 2: Lie on your back, on your mat if you have one or on the floor. Carpet may be more comfortable! Knees in for a hug and a low back stretch. Legs out, stretch through the ribs and hips on one side, then the other, then both to get a neutral spine. KEEP THIS NEUTRAL SPINE!!!

Step 3a: Feet flat on the floor with something between your knees- a ring, a ball, a yoga block, a towel folded a few times. Walk the feet out from your butt to open up the front of your hips. Maintain your neutral spine.  Hold the thing between your knees with your Pelvic Floor (Don’t Pee Muscle), NOT your inner thighs!

Step 3b: This is where you can add the wrist weights, if you want more upper body work. The trick is (more…)

Part 2 of Your Pilates Hiatus Workout

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Transition: Roll onto your belly. Head onto your forearm, draw the opposite foot into your butt. Reach for the pant leg/ankle/foot if you can/want to. Now, press up into an arch and kick back into your hand. Do the other side too!

Step 11: Put your hands in a diamond under your forehead,  OR place your arms in front of you like a sphinx. Press up into an arch. If you’re uncomfortable in your back, you’re too high. You only need to be 5 degrees off the floor to engage your muscles. Engage your pelvic floor (Don’t Pee Muscle) and reach your legs out behind you. For comparison’s sake, shrug your shoulders way up to your ears. Now, lower them as far from your ears as you can and feel your lats engage to keep those shoulders down.

Step 12a-b-c: Remember, you don’t need to lift more than 5 degrees. Raise the right leg up and down 10 times, then the left leg, then both legs. Feel your butt and hamstrings working, not your low back throwing your leg(s) up. Also, keep your hips evenly pressed into the floor. If you rock side to side, you need to re-engage your pelvic floor and watch how high you’re lifting.

Step 13a-b-c: Arms out to a T. Lift into the arch- pay attention to your shoulders and pelvic floor and low back! Do 3-5. Then, as you arch, turn the palms thumbs up- get used to the feeling of not pushing with your hands and only lifting from your lats. Do 3-5. Then, as you arch, swim the back of your hands back to your hips; return to the T with control.

Step 14: Arms out in front, slightly open, shoulders away from ears. Right arm, left leg- lift 5 times, then switch to opposite arm/leg for 5. Switch again for 4, opposite for 4. Switch 3, switch 3, switch 2, switch 2, back and forth for 1,1,1,1.

Part 3 of Your Pilates Hiatus Workout

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Transition: Come to hands and knees. Round your back into cat stretch, reverse to dog stretch by lifting your chin and swaying your back, and into cat stretch again.

Step 15a: Step the right foot forward between your hands, and the left foot back into a lunge (iliopsoas stretch!). Press the hips down and through the left heel, shoulders away from the ears, float the head and engage the pelvic floor.

Step 15b: Move the right hand inside your right foot, and open the right knee to stretch the inner hip.

Step 16: Put the right thigh down on the floor and draw your right foot toward your butt. Reach back for the foot/ankle/pant leg, or not. Keep the thigh down on the floor, not the knee joint. Put the foot back down being very careful of your knee.

Step 17a-b: Find a safe way to sit down. You may be able to roll over onto your right butt and down, or the transition may be more involved. Sit with the right leg bent in, left leg stretched open in half of a V. Stretch toward the left leg for an inner thigh stretch.

Step 17c: Open the right leg to complete the V. Stretch to both sides and the middle; feet pointed (more…)

What’s It Like? Trying Pilates, Part 1: The FREE Intro Session

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Hi, I saw your sign/ My friend told me about you/ I found you online/ My doctor told me to try pilates, and I’m calling to get some information about your studio, your class times, all that. Call me back, Thanks!

This is a very common voicemail message left at IM=X Pilates Blue Bell, and this blog series is here to give an idea about what it’s like getting started with pilates. Whether it’s by phone or walk-in, or even by email, everyone gets the same piece of advice: make an appointment for a FREE Introductory session! We can give you all the information you’re looking for first, but putting the information in the context of trying pilates first will make it come together. There is always an Intro on the Saturday pilates schedule, and others during the week will pop up just by asking for them.

Intro sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes, while all regular pilates classes are 60 minutes. This allows the Intro to be divided into 3 sections: paperwork and background info, learning the Fundamentals and using the Xercizer machine, and asking all the questions you’ve thought of during the Intro.

When you arrive, you’ll fill out a history form and our instructors will ask all about your needs and goals and everything else that can help optimize your experience . You’ll get a brief overview of pilates and IM=X Pilates, and a quick tour of the studio (see pictures of the studio in an earlier blog post, Our Anniversary: January 15 2008). Then you start to work- you’ll learn the 5 Fundamentals of IM=X Pilates to stabilize and support you, then you’ll get on the Xercizer machine and do a short workout! This first workout is designed to demonstrate the flexibility of the Xercizer, and to give our instructors a chance to assess your abilities and make educated scheduling suggestions. You’ll be exercising for 30-45 minutes, so you shouldn’t expect to be as sore as you will be after your first full class.

The last 30 minutes of your pilates Intro is reserved for answering your questions, planning your schedule, setting up your membership, and any other leftover details. As a new client, you’ll receive a Welcome Kit, instructions on scheduling your classes, and information on IM=X Pilates Blue Bell’s referral program.

Call 484-231-8565, stop in at 1320 DeKalb Pike, or sign up online to schedule your FREE Intro session and discover why people rave about IM=X Pilates Blue Bell, the only IM=X Pilates franchise studio in the Philadelphia area.